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Innate behaviour determines how we steer our car

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have solved a 70 year old mystery in traffic research: an until now inexplicable jerkiness when we steer a vehicle. The discovery may lead to safety systems in cars that can correct dangerous steering movements before they occur.

The ability to predict what a driver is going to do in the near future and to be able to prepare the car’s system for this sounds a little bit like science fiction, and it would naturally be a dream come true for the safety departments at car manufacturers. The dream is now one step closer to becoming reality.

“With the driver model I have developed, it is possible to predict what drivers are going to do with the steering wheel before they do it. It is possible to predict how far the driver is going to turn the wheel, right when the person starts a wheel-turning movement. It’s like looking into the future,” says Chalmers researcher Ola Benderius.


Msdress UK Announces Launch Of 2015 Prom Dress Collection

Leading online Prom dress retailer, MsDress , announces the 2015 prom dresses collection has launched its latest designs of short prom dresses . The newly-released prom dress collection is inspired by the latest ready-to-wear designs and styles and is now being offered for a limited time at a huge introductory discount of up to 67% off.

“The order was delivered even earlier than announced,” says buyer Androula, “and it was really well-packed. The dress is simply splendid. The seams are delicately made, the fabric is of higher quality than expected – and I really love it!”

With over 100 of the latest styles updated, this prom dress collection matches the 2015 Fashion Trends coming off the European catwalks. Without compromising on quality or materials, MsDress was created to offer the best made to order stylings in materials such as soft organza, chiffons or romantic satins and taffetas at affordable rates.

Take for ins

Landstraße: L.E.O.-Neujahrskonzert "Jubiläen 2015"

Wien (OTS/RK) - Zum dritten Male veranstaltet die Bühne “Letztes erfreuliches Operntheater (L.E.O.)” ein Neujahrskonzert: Bei dem kurzweiligen Musikabend im L.E.O. (3., Ungargasse 18) am Dienstag, 6. Jänner, ab 20.00 Uhr, dreht sich alles um die im Jahr 2015 anfallenden Jubiläen. Die eloquente Theater-Leitung verspricht dem geneigten Publikum nicht mehr und nicht weniger als ein liebevoll zusammengestelltes Programm mit “mitreißender Musik und unterhaltsamen Texten”.

Von Tschaikowsky, Sinatra und Holiday bis zu Tucholsky und Ringelnatz würdigen Elena Schreiber, Anton Graner und Robert Kolar mit erbaulichem Gesang und Wortwitz unterschiedlichste Jubilare. Am Flügel musiziert Yu Chen. Darüber hinaus lockt der Direktor, Stefan Fleischhacker, mit feinem Schaumwein und einem “erweiterten Buffet”. Für den Start in das Neue Jahr im L.E.O. entrichten die Besucher angemessene Unkostenbei

‘Quality Moving Leads’ Offering 10 Percent Discount To Clients for the First Month

‘Quality Moving Leads’ a well known company based in California is now offering a discount of 10 percent to the clients for first month. The company is an online lead marketplace where various movers and moving companies can carry out the requests online from people looking out for relocation service providers to help them in their relocation. The company provides real time moving leads to the moving companies in California. The company focuses on serving their clients with qualified, ready-to-move moving leads.

Find Moving Lead in your area!

If experts of this field are to be believed, the first month discount offered by the company is likely to attract more clients towards it. The company is a known name in California and this 10 percent off offer on first month fees would act as a magnet.

Contact Quality Moving Leads today! (866) 664-2773

As soon as the company receives a lead, they cross check the details and send the

Leading Online Retailer Offers Wide Range Of Affordable Prom Dresses

MsDress announces they are now offering a wide range of long prom dresses with exquisite looks. The company will be offering all customers a huge discount on all items in the collection as part of the limited time introduction of the collection. These newly-released long prom dresses are just the right selection for fashion-forwarded ladies.

The dressmaking philosophy of the design group at MsDress is to be dedicated to the art of feminine draping, innovative design and the romance of the occasion. MsDress was created to offer designer dresses at affordable rates with designers offering the best made to order stylings without compromising on quality or materials.

And for just $102.08 US dollars, the woman wearing the figure flattering A-line Sweetheart Chiffon Asymmetrical Ruched Party Dress will appear to float through the room. This chiffon gown, embellished with ruching at the waist, offers an asymmetrical hemline up in the front above the knee to an a

‘Local Movers Virginia’ Helping Clients Find A Mover According To Preferences

‘Local Movers Virginia’, an online platform is helping thousands of Virginia residents find a mover according to their needs, preferences and budget. The company helps clients in finding movers in over 50 cities in the state including Salem, Vienna, Virginia Beach and Hampton among others. The company searches for movers from thousands of available options and help clients find the best ones. The company is also offering a free quote service allowing clients to get an idea of the amount they would need to spend if they opt for service.

Get your fast and affordable Moving Estimate online

When contacted, a representative of the company said, “Shifting to a new place is never easy and requires a lot of consideration. Choose the services of an expert can make the task a lot easier. However, with thousands of moving companies operating in Virginia, getting details from each and identifying the professionals from others can be a daunting task. This i

Looking for the best photo enhancement service? Feel free to check out free samples at

New York City, NY, Jan 1st 2015-Professionl phone enhancing service provider is now offering free samples. Customers can access the free samples by visiting the company’s main website. The service provider has been operating in the online based sector for a long time and it goes without saying that the company’s experience speaks a lot about its capabilities. has clearly stated its intentions to provide customers with high quality services and it’s evident that the company is indeed one of the most reliable and professional companies in the online based market.

Finding a company that is skilled and has all the necessary software to enhance photos for you is not as easy as you may think. Well, not all companies have the skills and commitment to ensure that your projects are done successful and payments are made on a secure platform. When you place your order with Photo Enhancement, you can be sure th

Green Movers Maryland offers professional and affordable Moving Services

Moshe I30

Green Movers Maryland offers the best packing and moving service to the local residents of Maryland. Apart from moving services they also customize various other needs of the customers. They have teams of professionals who are appointed to customize each and every customer’s need. They also help in finding a local packer and mover in a particular locality. Customers can even get free quotes from them about other local moving companies. They are dedicated to make the moving and packing services of their customers as simple as possible. The customers can schedule their own time and can be sure that the movers will arrive on time. Their staff is courteous and friendly enough to address all your needs.

They offer numerous types of SERVICES! According to the services requested by the customers they will arrive at the client’s hous

Launch of “” sees change in the way of searching and retaining legal assistance in Canada.

The launch of is making changes in the way people search for and obtain legal assistance online. With its impressive in-depth database of legal knowledge and legal professionals, is soon to become the hub used by millions of citizens to procure legal help when required.

Vancouver, Canada – Often people do not have time to research the achievements and reputation of a legal counsel they would like to hire. That is a risk they take every time they select a legal professional they know nothing about. However this is going to change as will be providing people access to hundreds of legal professionals who have been pre-screened by them for their customers. The website allows its users to get in touch with different people in the legal profession like Lawyers, Mediators, Notaries, Immigration consultants and more. All this is available at the touch of a button.

The website has been designed to be user f

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