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Luggage and Handbag Sector in India: a snapshot


Luggage and handbags have, over the recent years, managed to shed their traditional utilitarian tag and have now evolved as lifestyle products. Increasing business and leisure travels coupled with rising disposable income and organized retailing have led to increased demand for branded accessories. Players closely follow trends across international design houses and also actively collaborate with renowned designers to introduce aspirational products in the premium segments. Leading companies undertake intense branding and promotional campaigns to reach to a wider audience and ensure brand recall.

This note on Luggage and Handbag Sector in India has been prepared through extensive secondary research supported by detailed analysis and focuses on market details, major players, recent developments and key drivers.

This report can be used as an “Information & Management Tool” and is ideal for overseas investors to get the first feel of the Luggage and Handbag Sector in India. Senior managers can use this report for making presentations to internal audiences, customers, collaborators and channel partners.

Table of COntets:

A. Introduction

B. Product Classification

C. Market overview

C.1 Total luggage and handbag market size in India, 2012-13

C.2 Luggage market break up by segments 2012-13

C.3 Multi brand retailing of luggage

C.4 Retailing of premium luggage

C.4 Handbags market overview 2012-13

D. Key Players

E. Profiles of Select Players

E.1 VIP Industries Ltd.

E.2 Samsonite International SA

F. Recent Developments

List of Figures:

Figure1: Luggage Market: Break-up by segments, %, 2012-13

List of Tables:

Table1: Product variants of Luggage and Handbags

Table2: VIP Industries Limited: Company details

Table3: Samsonite India: Company details

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